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Film Lab Closure

Dear Traia Photolab friends,


It is with a heavy heart that I’m announcing that from 27th June we will be closing the doors to our little film lab.


As many of you know Maia has been unwell for quite some time now and last summer she decided to step down from the lab to focus on her health and I’m glad to say she's on the mend! In the meantime I (Tristan) have been continuing to operate solely, with the assistance of friends and family, however it has been very challenging juggling the extra workload and the daily stresses that come with the extra weight of responsibilities on my shoulders to maintain the efficiency of the lab and operating a business. Going from a close two person team to a single individual has been especially difficult and it has had an affect on my mental health and I’ve had serious ups and downs and have come very close to making this announcement before on occasion. Unfortunately other factors have played a part in coming to this decision; partly with the cost of living, as the economics of running a small business are very tough at the moment and with our material expenses growing year on year and although we have maintained profitability throughout the last four years we have found it very challenging to substantiate an individual wage.


The last four years of running this lab with Maia has been great, it will always be a great achievement for us both, starting out in our garage to having our own studio space in Woolwich which we were able to turn into our own. We are extremely grateful to all our wonderful customers that have continued to support our little lab since day one and over the years, we have totally lost count of how many rolls of film we have processed and all the amazing photos that have graced our screens, we certainly could not have done it without you!

Further details and cut off dates!


C-41 Processing & scanning services cut off - 20th June.

Black & White Processing & scanning services cut off - 19th June.

All Additional Services cut off - 13th June.


After the dates shown above all processing services will be removed from our web store. Any outstanding orders that have not been completed by the 28th June will be fulfilled after this date.


Please note: that if you have any points on our reward scheme, loyalty cards or credit they all must be redeemed before 18th June after this date they will expire. Any orders that are received after the 28th June that have not been placed online before the cut off dates or those received after the cut off dates with order forms, will unfortunately be returned to the sender.

Our website will no longer be active after the 30th June and however our Instagram and emails will remain active for 3 months for contact purposes, incase of negative retrievals or if you require a file recovery. All digital orders will be stored on our backup drive and held securely for the same 3 month period after which point all files/orders will be deleted. 


For anyone that may have negatives stored with us I ask that you please collect them as soon as possible, if you are not local but believe we may have some of your negatives please get in touch and will get back to you as soon as possible. Any remaining negatives not collected after 3 months from our closure date will be disposed of.


Here is a list of other small independent film labs we highly recommend you try! Go show these guys and gals some support. They all deserve the amazing support you have shown us throughout our years of processing your films!

Jacks Lab - - Bristol -

The Film Safe - @thefilmsafe - Southampton -

Come Through - @comethroughlab - Manchester -

Gulabi - @gulabiphoto - Glasgow -

Stuck in Film - - South Croydon -

Zone Imaging - @zoneimagingltd - Enfield -

Tanners Bank Darkroom - @tannersbankdarkroom - North Shields

Photographique - @photographiqueuk - Bristol -

Exposure Film Lab - @exposurefilmlab - Hereford -

The Minilab - - Northampton -

A massive thank you from both myself and Maia for all your support!
Tristan & Maia

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