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For all mail-orders and local drop offs, we have a wide range of additional services to meet all of your needs. Have any special requirements for your order let us know!

Film Processing

We provide high-quality film processing for C-41 colour negative and Black & White film, in film formats including 110, 35mm, APS, 126, 127, 120 and 5x4. We offer bespoke services from a homegrown lab, with affordable prices and providing a personal tailored film processing experience.

We use our trusty film processor the Noritsu V30, affectionately known to us as Norri, to process all the colour film that comes through our door. For black/white film, we use our reliable Jobo CPP3 rotary processor. This power duo allows us to provide you with the highest quality negatives possible, with accurate colour film reproduction on all C-41 film and great levels of contrast and detail on the black & white rolls.

We can develop the following discontinued films (as a cross process): C-22, K-14, E4

Unfortuately we do not process ECN-2 film!

We no longer offer E-6 processing services!

film grain test.jpg
Film Scanning

All scans are provided by default from our beautiful Fuji Frontier SP3000, at Low res jpeg, Mid res jpeg and High res jpeg or Tiff, when you choose from our develop and scan packages. We can also scan pre-developed negatives by roll or from individually selected negatives. All scans are colour corrected on colour calibrated Ezio monitors and lightly dusted before being delivered to you via a Wetransfer link.

If you need larger scans, we offer scanning per negative from our Imacon Flextight Photo scanner, for larger printing sizes.


Larger format scanning 5x4, 10x8 negatives, Polaroids, prints and other objects are scanned on our Epson V850 Flatbed scanners. 

For information on our scanning sizes and resolutions please follow the links below to the Scan Size Charts or head over to our price list for all pricing. If you would like to see some scanner examples drop us an email and we can send you a download link.

Custom Processing

We offer a variety of additional services for custom processing. We can process pre-soaked/souped film, film that has been pushed and pulled and we can cross process films in different chemistry.

If you require any custom processing, please email us or make note of this on your order form


If you are a regular customer or shoot film on a frequent basis and would like cheaper prices on all of our service, we offer an Annual Membership scheme.

With our memberships, you receive  discounted price for all of our services and opportunities to take part in online developmental projects with other members (exhibitions, tutorial meetings and more).

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