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Our Resources page is a place that we will be updating to provide additional information on our services, technical advise on analogue photography and our experiments with alternative processes and all things analogue photography! We hope for this to be a resource for the development and continued exploration into film photography for all.


Pushing and Pulling

A guide on how to push and pull film.


Expired Film

A guide on how to shoot expired film to get the best results.

Coming Soon!

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Courgettol Developer

Using courgettes to make a plant based developer.


Fignol Developer

We foraged some green figs and made a developer out of it.


Bleach Bypass

By removing the bleach stage during C41 processing, you can change the saturation of your film.


Developing E4

Trying to develop expired E4 film as accurately as possible in C41 chemicals.


Wineol Developer

With Caffenol and Beerol under our belt, we're testing out another boozy method of development 


Beerol Developer

Following on from the success of Caffenol, we tried out using beer as developer!


Caffenol Developer

Today we tested out Coffee as a developer for film and prints.

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