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How to Send Us Your Film
Choose from one of our three options below, for sending us your film!

Online Checkout

Choose from a selection of online film processing and scanning services for quick checkout.

Mail Order Film Processing!


Local / Drop Box

If you live locally and want to drop off your film in person, click for our address and work hours.


Order Form

Fill out our printable Order Form for payment via invoice BACS.


Mail Order Film Processing!

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About the Lab

Hi there! We’re Tristan and Maia, the owners of Traia Photolab – a professional photographic film lab based in South East London. We opened the lab in January 2020, but our love of film started before then when we were both put in the same darkroom printing group in our first year of university. Analogue photography became a huge part of our own artistic practice, and the technique followed us throughout our three years at Falmouth University. In our third year, we dreamt up the dream of opening a lab when we graduated with the intention of offering an affordable and personalised service that recent graduates can rely on to continue their practice after their studies. With a lot of planning, this is exactly what we did.


We started out in our garage with a single Jobo rotary processing machine and an Epson flatbed scanner, then eventually, we sourced higher quality equipment, and in October 2021, we finally moved into a beautiful studio space in Woolwich Dockyard.


This is where we’re based now! We run with a Noritsu V30 processing machine, a Jobo CPP3, a Fuji-Frontier SP3000 scanner, and an Imacon Flextight – all to process and scan C-41 and Black and White in a wide variety of film formats.


We predominantly operate via mail order, but if you’re local you can drop by whenever!

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