C-41 Developing

Colour Film Developing (inc. Disposables)

From £5.50

B+W Developing

B+W Film Developing (inc. Disposables)

From £5.00

E-6 Developing

Colour Positive Film Developing

From £7.50

We provide beautiful scans from our Fuji Frontier SP3000 in Low res Jpeg, Mid res Jpeg and High res Jpeg or Tiff, when you develop your film with us but we also scan pre-developed negatives. For information on our scanning sizes and resolutions please follow the link below to the Scan Size Charts or head over to our price list for our prices.

Scan Only/Pre-Processed
Flextight Scans
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Digital Contact Sheets

Pre-Processed / Scan Only (inc. Slides)

From £1.75 Per Whole Roll - £0.30 Per Slide

Imacon Flextight Scans

£1.75  Per Neg

Imacon Flextight Scans

£1.50  Per Sheet

We're able to scan and develop all film formats from:

110, 126, APS, 35mm, 127, 120 and 5x4 sheet film

We also offer other ways to scan your negatives with options for scanning Pre-Processed film and Slides on either our Fuji Frontier SP3000 or Imacon Flextight Photo. Our prices vary so check out our price list for all the relivant details or drop us an E-mail to find out more!

We offer different prices depending on if you are a Student/Graduate or a Member, if you don't fall under one of these catagories, please see our General prices.


Please print out and the include fully written out order form, found below. We also accept order forms filled out digitally and sent via E-mail so please drop us a message and we'll get back in touch!

Push + / Pull-

We can Push and Pull both colour and B+W rolls, just let us know your +/- stops rating when filling out the Order Form!

From £1.50 Per Roll

Not sure how to rate your film for a push or pull we have a handy how-to-guide, follow the link below!

Cross Processing

Shot or found an old expired roll of film in a camera, we are able to Cross Process rolls of films that are outdated processes like C-22, K-14 and E-4 or just wanting to try someing experimental. Just let us know in an email and we can advise you further!

From £2.00 Per Roll

Pre-Soaked Film

If you are looking to Pre-Soak your roll/s or have already, we are able to help, just let us know in an email before sending it too us!

We're also able to create special chemisty batches for upto 15 rolls if you pre-soak film regulary.

From £5.00 Per Batch


Going to be a regular customer or want cheaper prices we have a yearly Membership Scheme.

Recieve upto 10% off your processing or scanning orders.

Mouthly Zoom meetings if you're interested in discussing projects with other members (optional)!

Get a personal portfolio on our Members page!

And Much More!

Memberships From £20.00 Per Year

Digital Contact Sheets

We also offer digital contact sheets of your negatives, if you're planning on scanning a few images on our imacon the contact sheets are useful or choosing or just for storing with your neg files.

From £1.50 Per Sheet

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