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Courgette can be bought in supermarkets but we went to a local 'pick your own' farm to get the courgettes that we used for this developer.

Ingredients/items needed

Roughly 1 kilogram of courgettes

Roughly 500ml - 1 litre of water (with the water, we would suggest that when you blend the courgettes, add enough water so that it results in a slightly chunky smoothie like consistency - go by eye, trust your gut)

40g washing soda

9g vitamin c (from 1000mg chewable tablets)

A blender

A muslin


To get the courgette to be a juice, you will need to cut the courgette into manageable chunks for your blender to handle and then blend them. Add water to the chunks to allow them to become more puree like. Once it is like a smoothie consistency, pour this all into a bowl and stir to make sure there are no large chunks anymore. Push the mush through a muslin, into a bowl and use that liquid that has been sifted through as your developer. You can dispose of the by product by composting it. Mix the washing soda and vitamin c in the courgette juice and you have your developer!

To develop film, we heated the developer to 25 degrees Celsius and developed a roll of Ilford FP4 for 22.5 minutes. The film came out under developed so we would suggest to increase the timing to 30 minutes for this film.

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