We pursued our dream of opening  our very own photolab.

Hi! We are Tristan and Maia and we are Traia Photolab. We met at Falmouth University on the BA Photography course and graduated in 2019 and throughout our studies, we fell deeply in love with the analogue photographic process. We thought "wouldn't it be cool to start our own photolab?" and after a bit of thought and the purchase of an old, broken enlarger from our university (which we fixed) our dream began to mould into some form of reality.

And we created Traia. We felt a bit lost with our analogue practice as soon as we left university - the quick change from having constant access to facilities and knowledgeable technicians to having nothing was a lot to take in. We wanted to start a photolab that can be a first point of contact when you leave university. If you want to continue learning about, experimenting with or shooting with film and be served by a friendly face who knows how important your practice is to you and can lend an artistic ear, you have come to the right place.

Try-a-photolab today!