1. Send us an email notifying us that you would like to place an order.

2. Print out our order form below, fill it out and send it to us in your package with your film

3. Wait for an email from us confirming the arrival of you film and the invoice for your order.

4. Receive your scans or negatives from us after (roughly) three days!

We pursued our dream of opening  our very own photolab.

Hey everyone! We are Tristan and Maia and we are Traia Photolab. We met at Falmouth University on the BA Photography course and graduated in 2019 and throughout our studies, we fell deeply in love with the analogue photographic process. We thought "wouldn't it be cool to start our own photolab?" and after a bit of thought and the purchase of an old, broken enlarger from our university (which we fixed) our dream began to mould into some form of reality.

And we created Traia. We felt a bit lost with our analogue practice as soon as we left university - the quick change from having constant access to facilities and knowledgeable technicians to having nothing was a lot to take in. We wanted to start a photolab that can be a first point of contact when you leave university. If you want to continue learning about, experimenting with or shooting with film and be served by a friendly face who knows how important your practice is to you and can lend an artistic ear, you have come to the right place.

We offer a wide range of services: C-41 Colour development, Black and White development and E-6 Colour Positive development in almost all film formats from 110, 35mm, 120 and upto 5x4. We scan all your photos on our Fujifilm Frontier SP3000 scanner which produces a lovely rendition of each negative we put through it and can scan from 110 up to 6x8. If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch with one of us at

Try-a-photolab today!



Incredibly fast and so efficient. Great communicators too! :)  


I really don’t know how I would have managed to finish my degree without your help!

Thank you so much again.


I highly recommend Traia Labs. They are warm, friendly, enthusiastic, and very professional. You feel you are in safe hands. They have a proven track record because I've sent a ridiculous amount of film to them!


I particularly like the communal vibe - this was lacking with my last developer. I felt like I was just another number on the confer belt, whereas, with Traia, you feel like your part of the family - they give much more time, attention and care with your film. 


During the lockdown, I received really quick and helpful responses to my inquiries about services and processing. The team were exceptionally helpful, and my order was turned around really quickly, and all at the best prices I have seen.

I'll be continuing to use Traia Photo Lab - they understand how important and personal photography and film can be, and tailor their services to the community.