We aim to provide as much support with your negatives as possible. To help us improve our services, we have included a selection of optional additions that can help you achieve the best from your negatives.

The services below can be added to your order upon request or by applying the service on your Order Form.

Please note that all additional services will incur an additional charge, please refer to our price list for these charges!



Tri-X Push Processed +2 Stops


Digital contact sheet of 6x7


Expired E-4 Cross Process in C-41

110 Development and Scanning - NEW!

We now offer 110 film development! Due to its size, we wanted to offer a super cheap development option for this little film stock, so we've lumped process and scan together. If you have any 110 film, we are able to develop in both C-41 and B&W. Scans will be provided at 3200dpi jpeg sent via wetransfer. Please see our price list for the respective price!


Push & Pull

If you require your film to be push and pull processed we are able to provide this for both our C-41 (colour) and B&W developments, just state the ISO or stops you exposed above or below the standard film speed and we'll do the rest!


Contacts Sheets

We are able to provide both digital contact sheets and analogue contact sheets (in print form) for any rolls that you develop with us. You can use these to catalogue your work or, if you know that you don't want all of your negatives scanned, this can help you choose!

Cross Processing

This service is more experimental but we are able to process your film in alternative chemicals. For example we can process E-6 positive film in C-41 or provide C-41 (colour) developments in Black and White. If you have older film stocks like C-22 we can also develop it in Black and White for you and even process E-4 film in C-41 chemicals!


Pre-Soak Processing

Pre-soaking is an extra experimental service we offer. If you plan on altering your film prior to development, we will be able to develop your film for you with some extra preparation. Send us an email before sending your film and we will organise with you when it is best to send your film aligning with when we mix our chemistry.