We offer scanning services when you develop your film with us but we also scan pre-developed negatives at low or high resolution. For information on our scanning sizes and resolutions please follow the link below to the Scan Size Chart or head over to our price list for our prices.




We use the Fuji Frontier SP3000 to batch scan negatives and slides


We use Epson V850/V800 flatbed scanners to scan prints, 4x5, 10x8,

Polaroids and other objects.

We use an Imacon Flextight Photo virtual drum scanner to scan specific 35mm or 120 negatives in high resolution.

You can send anything to us that you want scanned and we will scan it!

You pay for postage and packaging to send and we will pay for the return journey.

Fuji Scan Size Chart
Flextight Scan Size Chart